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As a Afro-Asian Institute alumni, you’re part of a community of over 100,000 people around the world. Together we are stronger, better and more empowered.

In many ways, graduating from institute is just the beginning of your journey. Here you’ll find ways to stay engaged with the Institute and fellow graduates. You can explore the alumni networks that will bolster your career, build your business or help you make a difference to the world. And you can discover how to support current students and world-leading research.


Creativity and innovation to challenge the status quo will affect what and how we teach and the intellectual ambitions of the institute itself.

Giving Back

Social engagement should orient students’ academic experiences to help them become critically engaged citizens, dedicated to solving problems.


Afro’s commitment to student success, important scholarship and creative activity, and public service sets it apart from other institute.

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Research Advancements

Our highly qualified faculty members and our students are constantly advancing science through basic, translational and clinical investigations. Our students, Nadir Arshad & Shoaib Sohail

Health Awareness Pursuits

The Afro-Asian Institute has been a vanguard especially when it comes to raising awareness on streaming health topics. In July 2021, a medical camp was


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