Information Technology (IT)

The BS Information Technology curriculum teaches fundamental and advanced information technology principles. The goal is to train graduates to satisfy the information technology requirements of businesses and organisations.


The degree programme provides courses in all areas of information technology, from non-technical areas such as the nature of information and organisational needs for IT, to the hardware, software, network, and multimedia technologies used to meet these needs, to the development and management skills required to create and implement computer-based information systems. The degree structure allows for the maximum amount of freedom and provides students with the widest range of possibilities from which to choose their areas of focus.

Career Opportunities

As an IT professional, you could be involved in developing business protocols and processes such as databases and back-up systems, and computer applications to support these. Positions exist in large or small companies, or you could provide services on a consultancy basis.

  • Drive development

    Develop websites and mobile applications or keep projects running on time.

  • Manage and protect networks and systems

    This course will prepare you for various roles, such as network engineer, systems architect, systems administrator, systems analyst and cyber security specialist.

  • Work in IT support

    Provide technical support, troubleshooting and fix software and hardware.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the course have the knowledge and abilities required to effectively use IT as well as design and manage IT-based systems. The course’s strong practical emphasis prepares graduates for employment working with information and IT in a variety of areas in business, government, and industry, both locally and globally. Furthermore, graduates have a solid foundation in computer science and information technology, allowing them to capitalize on the growing professional prospects in the information technology sector. Furthermore, by pursuing higher education, students can broaden and deepen their expertise.


Semester 1
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 CSI-301 Programming Fundamentals 4(3-1)
2 CIT-303 Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies 3(2-1)
3 ENG-321 Functional English 3(3-0)
4 ISL-321 Islamic Studies / Ethics 2(2-0)
5 MTH-323 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3(3-0)
Total 15
Semester 2
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 CSI-302 Object Oriented Programming 4(3-1)
2 CSI-304 Discrete Structures 3(3-0)
3 PST-321 Pakistan Studies 2(2-0)
4 ENG-322 English Comprehension and Composition 3(3-0)
5 MTH-324 Multivariable and Integral Calculus 3(3-0)
6 PHY-312 Basic Electronics 3(3-0)
Total 18
Semester 3
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 CSI-401 Data Structure and Algorithms 3(2-1)
2 CSI-403 Digital Logic and Design 3(2-1)
3 STA-321 Introduction to Statistical Theory 3(3-0)
4 CSI-406 Introduction to Database Systems 4(3-1)
5 ENG-421 Communication Skills 3(3-0)
6 BMS-406 Fundamentals of Marketing 3(3-0)
Total 19
Semester 4
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 CSI-402 Operating Systems 3(2-1)
2 CIT-402 Information Systems 3(3-0)
3 CIT-404 Web Systems and Technologies 3(2-1)
4 CSI-404 Computer Communication & Networks 3(3-0)
5 SWE-401 Introduction to Software Engineering 3(3-0)
Total 15
Semester 5
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 CIT-501 Computer Networks 3(2-1)
2 CIT-503 Internet Architecture & Protocols 3(3-0)
3 CIT-505 Database Administration & Management 3(2-1)
4 CIT-507 Object Oriented Analysis and Design 3(3-0)
5 BBA-511 Information System Audit 3(3-0)
6 Elective I 3
Total 18
Semester 6
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 CIT-502 Multimedia Systems and Design 3(2-1)
2 CIT-504 Technology Management 3(3-0)
3 CIT-506 System Integration and Architecture 3(3-0)
4 CIT-508 Systems and Network Administration 3(3-0)
5 Elective II, III 6
Total 18
Semester 7
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 CIT-601 Human Computer Interaction 3(3-0)
2 CIT-603 IT Project Management 3(3-0)
3 CIT-605 Network Security 3(3-0)
4 CIT-607 Cloud Computing 3(3-0)
5 Elective IV, V 6
Total 18
Semester 8
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 CIT-602 Professional Practices 3(3-0)
2 BBA-604 Human Resource Management 3(3-0)
3 CIT-631 Project 6(0-6)
Total 12
Sr # Elective Courses (I, II, III, IV, V) will be chosen from given bellow
1 CIT-633 Telecommunication Systems 3(3-0)
2 CIT-634 Routing & Switching 3(2-1)
3 CIT-635 Network Design and Management 3(3-0)
4 CIT-636 Network Programming 3(2-1)
5 CIT-637 Computer Game Development 3(2-1)
6 CIT-638 Multimedia Technologies 3(2-1)
7 CIT-639 3D Modeling & Animation 3(2-1)
8 CIT-640 Mobile Computing 3(2-1)
9 CIT-641 Software Agents Technology 3(3-0)
10 CIT-642 E-Commerce Applications Development 3(2-1)
11 CIT-643 Enterprise Application Development 3(2-1)
12 CIT-644 Distributed Computing 3(3-0)
13 CIT-645 Mobile Application Development 3(2-1)
14 CIT-646 Web Engineering 3(2-1)
15 CIT-647 Data Warehousing 3(3-0)
16 CIT-648 Data Mining 3(3-0)
17 CIT-649 Business Intelligence and Analytics 3(3-0)
18 CIT-650 Distributed Database Systems 3(2-1)
19 CIT-651 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 3(3-0)
20 CIT-652 Information Systems Auditing and Assurance 3(3-0)
21 CIT-653 Business Process Management 3(3-0)
22 CIT-654 Knowledge Management 3(3-0)
23 CIT-655 Artificial Intelligence 3(2-1)
24 CIT-656 Bioinformatics 3(2-1)
25 CIT-657 Biometric Systems 3(2-1)
Total Credit Hours 133

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