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Special Scholarships

1. For Transgender admission in both campuses, 1 seat for each program with 100% free education.

2. For Hafiz-e-Quran, for both campuses, 50% scholarship on tuition fee shall be given (Non-Medical Programs only)

3. For Sons/Daughters of Imam Masjid, for both campuses, 50% scholarship on tuition fee shall be given (Non-Medical Programs only)

For employee’s sons/daughters of Highways Department, Motorway Police, Rescue 1122, SOS village special scholarships shall be given. 3 seats for specially abled persons for Afro-Asian Institute Global with 50% scholarship will be granted.

Need Based Scholarships

1. For Orphan students, for Afro-Asian Institute Global, 50% Scholarship on tuition fee is granted once with proper evidence that student’s Guardian isn’t able to pay fee is established.

2. The Admission Office of Afro-Asian Institute Global can offer need based scholarships up to 20% whereas, as a special case (if any), the Principal is authorized up to 35% scholarship on tuition fee.

Merit Based Scholarships

1. Students having 90% marks or above in Intermediate exams, will be given 100% free education. Student shall submit an affidavit of Rs 100 stating that student shall maintain his/her CGPA 3.00 and not leave the seat, if so, shall pay full fee of the degree programme.

2. Students having marks 80% to 89% in Inter, will be given 50% scholarship on tuition fee

Kinship Based

For existing students of Afro-Asian Institute Global, for 1st sibling admission, 50% scholarship on tuition fee & for 2nd sibling, 25% scholarship on tuition fee will be granted.


Scholarships will be reviewed at every semester, as CGPA of minimum 3.00 is mandatory for active status of scholarships except C, D & E