Research Advancements

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Our highly qualified faculty members and our students are constantly advancing science through basic, translational and clinical investigations. Our students, Nadir Arshad & Shoaib Sohail (Department of Computer Sciences), completed their final year project titled as “Life saver web App for emergency cases”. In this project, they used a mapping system to communicate the patient’s information, site of accident, no. of individuals injured & number of  ambulances required to transport patients to a nearest hospital so that the hospital staff is prepared to deal with the emergency beforehand. Similarly, Mahnoor (Department of Medical Lab Technology) accomplished her research project on the topic “Recent trends in molecular diagnosis of fungal infections”. Another bright student, Sadia Aslam (Department of Radiography & Imaging Technology) completed her research project on “Post complications of COVID-19 Pneumonia disease on high resolution Computerised Tomography”, which was another trending research topic in the current era. Another eye-catching research topic pursued by Shahzaib Alam (Department of Operation Theatre Technology) titled as “Awareness & prevention of surgical site infection in healthcare set-up” familiarised the public about pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative preventive strategies for controlling the surgical site infections.

Health Awareness Pursuits

The Afro-Asian Institute has been a vanguard especially when it comes to raising awareness on streaming health topics. In July 2021, a medical camp was

Office of Student Career Services

The Office of Student Career Services (OSCS), under supervision of Mr. Syed Farhan Ali (Manager, OSCS) organised a series of training programs in October, 2021,